Ways In Which You Can Maintain Your Dental Hygiene Zurich

Dental hygiene is the practice of keeping your mount, gums, and teeth clean. You have to keep them healthy to prevent any kind of dental diseases.

However, it is a common fact that most of the time we take dental and oral health for granted. But we forget that they are an essential part of our life and we should not take them for granted as it will harm us only in the future.
If you don’t take proper care of your teeth then it will become uncomfortable for you only to talk with other people as you will get bad breath. Your teeth will also start to decay and you will have many other issues also.
Over here we will discuss the two most common issues that you can face if you don’t maintain your oral hygiene and how you can prevent them.

1. Tooth decay

Tooth decay or cavities is one of the most common issues that people of all ages can face. Children have to take proper care of their teeth and treat their cavities at an early stage. If they don’t do it then it may lead to unbearable pain.
Ultimately it will affect them academically also, as they will remain absent from school, face difficulty in concentrating while studying, and these problems will affect his or her quality of life and ability to succeed.
In fact, the children who are from lower-income families don’t have the privilege to receive timely treatment for any type of tooth disease and suffer from these problems.
Tooth decay also affects adults extensively. If they don’t take proper care of their teeth then it becomes more prone to gum diseases and cavities.

2. Periodontal disease

This is a type of infection that is caused by bacteria, especially under the gum tissues. These bacteria generally destroy the bones and gums. Your teeth will become loose, chewing food will become extremely difficult, and in worst cases, your teeth may get extracted.
It has been seen in studies that gum diseases may also damage other parts of your body. Due to oral infection, you can also get diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. However, more research is going on about the relationship between these diseases and oral infection.
Nonetheless, you will get many children and adult who does not even take the simple measures that can prevent oral diseases and reduce their dental care costs. You can simply brush your teeth regularly and use a mouth wash that will prevent your teeth from getting infected.
Here are some tips that you can follow to ensure your dental hygiene Zurich.
  • You must encourage yourself and your children to eat nutritious meals regularly.
  • Try to avoid the frequent between-meal snacking. As these can harm your teeth more.
  • You can also protect yours and your child’s teeth with fluoride.
  1. You can use fluoride toothpaste. You can only use a pea-sized amount for your child if they are less than 7 years old. However, you must always take advice from a dentist before using a fluoride toothpaste if your child is under 2 years.
  2. The drinking water that you are using must also be fluoridated. If it is not then you must talk to a zahnarztKilchberg (dentist Kilchberg) or with a physician about the best process in which you can protect your teeth.
  • You must also talk to your dentist about using dental sealants. Dental sealants will also protect your teeth from decaying.
  • Use teeth floss regularly.

It is very important to brush your teeth properly to maintain good dental hygiene. Children cannot take proper care of their teeth but you as a parent can help them to brush their teeth properly and maintain the usage of fluoride toothpaste. Make it a habit to visit your dentist regularly along with your children and take advise from them in how you can maintain the health of your teeth.


  1. This dental hygiene post teaches children how to take care of their teeth to prevent plague and cavities. Thank you so much